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NEW and IMPROVED LPS VW/Audi 1.8t 20v manual timing tensioner. (06A)


This manual/solid timing tensioner is in our opinion the best solution on the market for the 06A engine block. Our tensioner uses all the OEM hydraulic style pulleys allowing the use of all the OEM belt covers, while doing away with the use of the OEM cam style tensioner that is known to fail and have alignment issues. Our tensioner features a solid tension adjustment via a threaded stud and has a locking jam nut to make sure nothing can move. As with any manual belt tensioner care should be taken to check the belt tension periodically, but if you are using aftermarket valve springs and/or taking your engine above factory rev limits, this is the fail safe solution for you.

NOTE: These do not come with idler pulley (PN# 06B 109 244) or tensioner pulley (PN# 06B 109 243). These or equivalent will need to be purchased separately.